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We know that choosing a right service from a wide industry is a regular challenge when talking on the subject of internet copywriting services. With difficulties which range from organizations that are fraud or scam to weak penning, weak buyer service and many other sorts of poor options, it is significant that university students have a sincere and impartial origin of facts.

For these reasons we take pride in each assessment that we compose. Our most beneficial desire is that college students take advantage of an informed opinion that honestly reflects the quality they are given for their cash. It’s the only method that assures our world in the long term. After all, belief is the most challenging thing to gain. Right away we will examine

Internet page

Among the first factors we observed was that the site was rather low in material: no past customers’ ThePenster testimonials and examples were to be determined.

An element that drew our interest was an area called “Our top writers.” We expected to find some established names and credentials, but all we located were online nicknames of what they claim to be their best article writers, along with some ranks and data that are hard to believe and impossible to check out. If their writers truly had a nearly great score after myriad of purchases, we find it hard to comprehend why they wouldn’t put in a simple document sample to their name. Without doubt, it would weigh a lot more than watching an impracticable range of 10/10 ratings.

One other thing that we noticed, both from the composing page and from our request, was that their writers carry out an absurd amount of topics. We can’t really figure out how the same individual can have qualifications in math, biology, psychology, economics, chemistry and many others.


Prices are carried out in an atypical method, by having you give characteristics relating to your paper and then collecting offers from writers. We found this approach more time-consuming than a typical price list. Price ranges were standard for the market.

Material Standard

If the service left us hesitant regarding the authors’ quality, the report only made to verify us right. We determined a good number of issues with the penning, covering anything from bad sentence structure to incorrect expression usage. We can simply determine that the company uses non-native English speakers that are much worse what is announced. We observed the same issues in customer reviews obtained online likewise.

User help

Customer care was really unworkable, discovering the actual way it was solely available via email - way weaker than live connection including telephone service.


As it stands, ThePenster is basically cannot offer you good offerings: both the article writing and the client service were close to appropriate. Our rate is 1.5 out of 5 stars.

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